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Avon Rent a Car Truck & Van

Avon Rent a Car Truck and Van

By Addison Stansfield

Since 1978, Avon Rent a Car, Truck & Van has maintained deep relationships with the Motion Picture and Television Studios that require specialized vehicles for production. Avon has three locations: Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and Santa Monica. Customers throughout the area know they can turn to Avon for standard vehicles as well. Collision centers, hotels and service stations have been served by Avon for nearly 40 years.

Recently, refrigerated trucks have become the hot item (excuse the pun), which are very popular with catering companies, floral shops, and pharmaceutical companies interested in keeping their products at just the right temperature. The moving and storage industries comes to Avon for cargo vans and mini movers for smaller jobs. When the project involves the need for a large truck, they can provide trucks from 10’ to 28’. All of the trucks over 16’ in length feature a lift gate.

A key differentiator between Avon and their competitors is mileage. Avon features 150 free miles per day on cars, trucks, SUVs and commercial vehicles.  In the long run, it ends up saving their customers money on their projects that can run for days, weeks or months. Multiple month rentals occur frequently in the studio and TV industry when production departments need commercial trucks out for the run of the show.

Why Avon?

Avon is a major part of the Beverly Hills Community and a long-standing member of the Chamber of Commerce.  Olympic Boulevard can rush by quickly (depending on traffic), and their goal is to be seen as more than a convenient place to book a last-minute vehicle. You can turn to any member of their staff for a quote on practically any project.

Many of the same staff members have been with the company for 10, 15 and even 20+ years. They are the first person that most people will turn to when they need a vehicle. Once a customer has worked with Avon, they will be coming back for every one of their rental needs.    

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