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Sweet Cider Short


Sweet Cider tells the story of Bernadette and her attempts to break up with her overly-nice boyfriend Finn. The Beverly Hills Directory had the honor of having a conversation with the leading actress, Nadine Emrich, so without further ado, let’s hear from her.

TBHD Interviewer: Why do you think people should watch this short film?

Nadine: I think people want to watch this film because it’s relatable to a lot of people. Whether one likes the other person in the relationship more or the other way around, he or she can find some common grounds in Sweet Cider.

TBHD Interviewer: What inspired you to make this film?

Nadine: I’ve always wanted to write something challenging and funny. I have a friend who’s a director, his name is Jim Orlik. He told me if I wrote the screenplay, he and I would actually find actors and produce this film. So, I did! And I kind of based the character Finn on my friend Jorge Diaz, who later became the actor of Finn as well, who’s a really nice guy. Also, the wonderful producer Sandra Varona who collaborated with us to make this short film happen.

TBHD Interviewer: How long did this entire process take?

Nadine: I started about two years ago and it took about one year to finish it. After that, we’ve been marketing the film and entering it into film festivals, 5 out of which we got into.

TBHD Interviewer: Why do you think this film is succeeding?

Nadine: We put a lot of hard work into this. The story itself is funny and relatable. And we used the breaking the fourth wall shooting style, which means the actors talk to the audience through the camera.

TBHD Interviewer: My last question is why did you name the film Sweet Cider?

Nadine: I took a marketing class and came up with the name. Also, everyone who’s meets me always says I am super sweet. So it was exciting for me to write the guy super sweet, and for my role to be the femme fatale heartbreaker.

You can watch the movie “Sweet Cider” on Amazon or, free with a roll ad. It’s a short film so you can even stream it on your 10min break from work.


You can watch the film Sweet Cider on Amazon or, free with a roll ad. It’s a short film so you can even stream it on your 10min break from work.

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