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Giuseppe Franco Salon

Looking for excellent quality work to get your hair done? Look no further and check out Giuseppe Franco Salon located in the heart of Beverly Hills at 350 North Canon Drive! It is a salon that has been rocking the same location and address for 35 years. This is a place to go for luscious locks whether you are coming to Beverly Hills as a tourist or a resident. Odds are you will be sitting right next to movie stars, like Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger. They make their visits here quite often since they are very good friends with Giuseppe, so watch out!

Ever since Giuseppe Franco discovered his God-given gift at a young age, he focused on doing what he loves to do and that is making everyone look their best. He makes them feel good about themselves as soon as they walk out the door. Back in the late 1980s, when social media was not yet a total trend, he had clients that were complimented by friends and family. People would ask where they got their hair done and clients would go in their purse, hand Giuseppe Franco’s business card, and say “Giuseppe.” Nowadays, people discover his salon by just walking by, as well as through websites like this, so consider yourself lucky!

When you are ready, you can either set an appointment or set your foot in to the salon where the excitement and action is. You will either get a haircut from Giuseppe Franco himself or one of his well-trained 72 hairdressers.

Every year in September, a group of 22 interns from a famous beauty school in Tokyo arrives in Beverly Hills to get a first-hand experience and knowledge from him. Cultural differences are not a problem for Giuseppe and his students. As this master hair stylist puts it, "It does not matter the language. It is the heart that speaks." His reputation is marked by his excellent taste that has made him an iconic world-renowned celebrity hairstylist. In fact, the mayor of Beverly Hills, Lili Bosse, is awarding him in honor of his excellence in business on October 3rd, Tuesday at a City Council meeting! He has been nominated by a customer to receive a 60-second shout out certificate for helping the community to become more beautiful inside as well as outside! Although he is famous from Germany, Italy, Tokyo to the United States of America, nothing has stopped him from being a leader that treats his salon as a small tight-knit community where everyone feels welcome. At Giuseppe Franco Salon, you will feel like a movie star. If you are a movie star, you will feel just like everyone else because he treats everyone equally. His hard work and dedication is all for you and he has just recently expanded his salon for more people. You 've got to stop by and see their amazing new renovations. Also, Giuseppe is welcoming everyone for a free consultation. Just mention this article from "The Beverly Hills Directory", and there is no appointment necessary. Giuseppe Franco's has been and will continue to be a hair style legend. So, see you there soon!

Company Information:

Giuseppe Franco Salon

350 N Canon Dr Beverly Hills, CA 90210

(310) 274-8967

Parking Information:

Ace Parking Structure

300 N. Canon Drive

Beverly Hills, CA 90210

(310) 693- 0362

Mon: 24 hrs

Tues: 24 hrs

Wed: 24 hrs

Thurs: 24 hrs

Fri: 24 hrs

Sat: 24 hrs

Sun: 24 hrs

$1.75 each 15 minutes. Max- $14.00

Evening - $5.00 (in After 6pm)

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