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Tempura Endo- Japanese Gourmet “Tempura”

Ever miss the taste of authenticity ? Ever think of Japanese food that makes your mouth watery? Well not long ago Tempura Endo, a traditional Kyoto style tempura restaurant was opened in our very own city of Beverly Hills. This place is a must visit! The idea of this restaurant is to give you the best high end experience of eating in the most traditional setting from the ancient capital of Japan. You don't have to catch a flight to Kyoto anymore!

Tempura Endo is well known for their unique design of the restaurant. The glistening, Japanese lantern-lit stone pavement will lead you to a recessed entrance, where you are welcomed by the delicate fragrance of Japanese incense. In a quiet, peaceful and relaxing setting, guests are able to fully savor a quint essential Kyoto dining experience. Tendura Endo was listed under Best Chef's Table experiences in Los Angeles in Sept 2016. They have also won the Certificate of Excellence by Trip Advisor in 2016, amongst other awards.

At Tempura Endo you are promised to have the best tempura you have ever consumed . It is not your typical tempura that most people here are familiar with. As they say on their website, " Savor our exquisite Kyoto-style tempura". It is cooked with high quality ingredients making the food less oily and more crunchy! The oil they use is the Japanese cotton seed oil, which is the highest rated one. This oil maximizes the original taste of the ingredients, and achieves great balance between flavor and taste by removing the harshness from each ingredient while retaining a crisp, light texture when being used for cooking tempura. Their vegetables and seafood are fried with the highest quality tempura oil too. Moreover, they also use only the highest quality cold hard water to be mixed with weak flour. Hard water is rich in minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

The attention to detail they put at Tempura Endo is simply amazing. Their plates and paper are gorgeously decorated just like the restaurant itself. Each meal they cook is a piece of art. Depending on the tempura item you order, it will come with 5 different types of salts and dips. Isn't that something!

This kind of exclusivity and experience does not come cheap. In Tempura Endo their least expensive meal will cost about $200 per person. However, it is worth every penny. You will not regret dining at this restaurant.



9777 S.Santa Monica Blvd.

Beverly Hills, CA 90210

HOURS : 7 days a week

5PM – 11PM

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